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    Analog Devices, "ADMP441 - Omnidirectional Microphone with Bottom Port and I²S Digital Output — Data Sheet," ADMP441.pdf, 2012 (temp)

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    InvenSense, "ICS-43432, Low-Noise Microphone with I²S Digital Output — Datasheet," ICS-43432_DS.pdf, Dec. 10, 2014

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    Analog Devices, "Quad ADC with Diagnostics-ADAU1977 — Data Sheet," ADAU1977.pdf, 2014 (temp)

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    The FFmpeg Developers, "ffserver Documentation,", 2018 (temp)

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    H. Schulzrinne, et al. "RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Application — RFC 3550,", July 2003

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    M. Handley, et al. "SDP: Session Description Protocol — RFC 4566," rfc4566.pdf, July 2006

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    C-Media Electronics Inc, "CM108 High Integrated USB Audio I/O Controller — DataSheet 1.5,", Nov. 1, 2004