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    Kingston Technology, "Flash Memory Guide," MKF_283.1_Flash_Memory_Guide_US.pdf, 2015

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    Kingston Technology, "フラッシュメモリガイド," MKF_283.1_Flash_Memory_Guide_JP.pdf, 2015

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    Roberto Alsina, "How to Use rst2pdf,", June 1, 2018 (temp)

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    福田 耕平, "RasPiによる Motor Control System の実現," May 29, 2018

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    Moataz Rashad, "AI for Optimizing Supply Chains and Maximizing Margins for Manufacturers — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Partnership Presentation, May, 2018," May 2018

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    高村 薫, "規範を失なった日本社会 — 西日本新聞 5/3/18,", May 3, 2018

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    Financial Times, "Trump's Short-Sighted Mistreatment of Japan — Failure to Support an Indispensable Ally Will Have Consequences,", April 19, 2018